Friday, April 23, 2010 Serious about Impacting Global Economy

Cynthia Mittelsteadt

DubLi announced today that the growth and expansion of its global eCommerce business model continues. This is, without exception, an amazing accomplishment as DubLi forges forward to move the business upward. launched its global eCommerce business in November 2009 in Australia and New Zealand. By June 2010 the Australian platform will equal that in North America and Europe.

The following additions to for Australia will be launched in June 2010:

  • The Australian platform will go live! This means that all of the incredible, top of the line products showcased on our North American and Europe platforms will also be on the Australian platform.
  • No more international transactions or exchange fees! Not only will Australian and New Zealand auctions now reflect the AUD currency, but the customers will be able to pay in the country’s currency – making fun shopping that much more fun!
  • Local delivery for Australia will begin! Beginning in June, the auction products will be delivered through a central and local DubLi facility in Australia. New Zealand customers will receive items from the Australian distribution center as well. Bottler!
  • The expansion of the Australian shopping mall is well under way. The addition of 45 stores has now been completed for this mall. Some of these new merchants include: Lenovo, Dell, Vodafone,, Qantas, and Budget, just to name a few. The Australian mall now offers nearly 600 merchants for a large variety of products and all of their shopping needs. And, the expansion will not stop there. DubLi will continue to add more merchants regularly offering its Customers more choices and bigger bargains. The goal is to make the Australian mall as grand as the Sydney Opera House!

Other DubLi News

Live in the Fast Track with Al Unser Jr.
In keeping with the DubLi philosophy of providing top of the line, cutting edge merchandise and the most exclusive items on our auctions, DubLi is terribly excited to share that our celebrity auction with Al Unser Jr. continues. This auction provides a once in a lifetime opportunity to not only meet the legendary race car driver but to learn from him and drive under his direction. Not to mention roundtrip airfare, deluxe accommodations and dinner with Little Al. Could it get any better than this? Maybe…but to discover what other fabulous celebrity auctions await, you will have to visit us more often! The value of the first celebrity auction is $32,980. The auction ends May 10, 2010. >>To the auction

The DubLi Gold Rush

Krugerrand - Gold Coin
Another DubLi exclusive available on the Unique auction, is the Krugerrand, a gold coin from South Africa. With this pure 24 karat gold coin, establishing financial security could not get any easier. The value of the coins is $1,250 and will only go up in value. The auction ends April 26, 2010.
>>To the auction

Two 24-Karat 10.0-Ounce (0.6 lb) Gold Bullion Bars
For centuries, gold has held its place in the world’s financial markets. And, at times has proven more than beneficial to those who have exchanged it and traded it – cashing it in for large financial returns. These gold bullion are not your typical gold purchases – the term bullion denotes the recognized weight and fineness of the gold. Each 10.0 ounce gold bullion is 24 karat, hallmarked – an indication of the metal content, have assigned serial numbers, and have a purity of .995 millesimal fineness. The value of the two bars is $22,500 or more. The auction ends on May 3, 2010 >>To the auction

What is the value of an 80¢ DubLi Auction Credit?

It only costs 80¢ to place the winning lowest unique bid in the fast moving auctions. It only gets better when consumers purchase 10 bids they get a $500 resort voucher and US customers also get a $25 gift certificate from New customers register here.

Each credit is one bid in the DubLi Xpress or Unique Bid Auctions where our members are getting up to 97% discounts on debit cards from Visa, MasterCard and AMEX gift cards from your favorite stores and the most popular brand name products sold on the web. DubLi has done the price comparison for you and starts the price at the lowest price found online GUARANTEED. Recent completed auctions saved DubLi Shoppers thousands of dollars.

Real Help Real Savings in the DubLi Cash Back Reward Mall

The DubLi Cash Back Rewards Mall is the world's largest online shopping site. DubLi has negotiated with brick-and-click and online stores to give its members cash back rewards every time they shop in a DubLi Merchant Partner’s online store. Every DubLi shopping member gets their own Personal Cash Back Rewards Mall where they save up to 60% and earn up to 30% cash back rewards on every purchase from over 1,100 of the best brick-and-click and online stores in North America and 600 online stores in Australia and New Zealand. Over the next few months DubLi will be adding hundreds of more stores in North America and Australia and adding Merchants in Europe, Japan, Latin America and other countries as well. New customers register here.

Real Help, Real Savings Tip: Before you go shopping this week, go to the DubLi Cash Back Rewards Mall and see if you favorite grocery or drug store has a gift card with cash back rewards. Then click on the Instant Print Coupons button at the bottom of the page. The Big Brand Coupons site has instant print coupons for all the brand name grocery and health and beauty products you need and love.

The DubLi Customer Experience is Save More, Live Better!


Cynthia Mittelsteadt

DubLi Shopping Consultants Team

Skype: cynthia.ebishop

(510) 659-6330

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