Wednesday, March 31, 2010

DubLi Top Spring Auction – Lots of Cash & Fun

Cynthia Mittelsteadt

DubLi has Spring Fever and to celebrate spring it has added four great unique bid auctions. DubLi Customers have the opportunity to earn lots of CASH and much more. If you are not a DubLi customer, now is the time to become a DubLi Customer Affiliate and start saving, getting paid to shop and earning DubLi auction credits just for telling your friends about the Customer Affiliate program.

The DubLi Customer Affiliate program is a great deal for consumers. There is no membership fee. This program puts immediate cash in the pockets of customers. New Customer Affiliates receive a $500 Resort Voucher good at 8,000 resorts and hotels worldwide. US DubLi members also receive a $25 gift certificate from So what is the catch? To receive the free gifts, consumers enroll in the program by purchasing 10 credits (bids) used to bid in the DubLi reverse auctions. The $8 investment has returned DubLi customers hundreds and even thousands of dollars in savings and tax free cash.

Customer Affiliates can build up their credit bank by telling their friends about the program. They receive 5 credits ($4) for every friend who also purchases 10 credits. Your friends will love you because all new customers get the $525 in gift vouchers. Check out this short video and registration link: and share the link with friends.

It’s Fun, It’s Fast, It’s Free!

DubLi Shoppers are using their credits to purchase products and gift cards they need for things they purchase all the time. Gas cards, grocery store, department store and chain restaurant gift cards and cash cards are particularly popular. The current top unique bid auctions are worth over $58,000.

Easter Surprise – an Easter Egg Full of Great Surprises!
This top auction egg is filled with great things, but to find out you have to bid to be awarded this Egg Full of Surprises. This Easter egg could be filled with so many different things. Even the Easter Bunny has no idea what’s inside. What we do know is that it is incredible, and the value is approximately $2,000. The auction ends Easter Day, April 4, 2010. >> To the auction.

Apple iPad Wi-Fi 32GB!
Be one of the first to own this revolutionary tablet computer! This unique auction is as edgy as the technology behind Apple’s iPad. The new iPad features a high resolution LED backlit IPS display, multi-touch screen, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 2.1+ EDR, digital compass and assisted GPS as well as the exceptional features expected of Apple such as iPod, iBooks, maps, and YouTube as well as many other apps. But, there is so much more you will have to bid to be awarded this iPad and find out! The auction value is $599 The auction ends on April 5, 2010.
>> To the auction.

The Gold Rush is On!
Back by popular demand, DubLi brings the opportunity of owning Gold Bullion to your front door with this top auction. The winner of this top auction will receive two (2) 10.0 ounce gold bars. These bullion are 24 karat and have a millesimal fineness (purity) of 995. The value of this auction is currently $22,500, but is subject to change as the price of gold changes. The
auction ends on May 3, 2010. What a unique way to build financial security! >> To the auction.

Put the Pedal to the Metal Join Al Unser Jr. at a His Race Clinic for Two!

You say you can’t drive 55 mph and that you have a need for speed? If so, this is the top auction for you. Spend the Weekend with Al Unser Jr. at the New Jersey Motorsports Park. Al Unser Jr. will show you the ways of the road this weekend in a Formula 2000 race car. The weekend includes a 6 hour driving clinic, one night lodging at the New Jersey Motor Park Suites, one night accommodation at the Trump Taj Mahal Hotel Casino in Atlantic City, roundtrip airfare for two to Philadelphia, ground transportation in Atlantic City, exclusive autographed memorabilia from Little Al, and $1,000.00 spending money. The value of this auction is $32,980. The auction ends on May 10, 2010. Put the Al Unser Jr. Race Clinic on your calendar for July 7 through July 9, 2010. >> To the auction

What a way to begin April with superb top auctions for customers. With the four newest top auctions, Surprise Easter Egg, Apple iPad, Gold Rush and Al Unser Jr., saving money and earning cash is a cinch!

Real Help, Real Savings Tip: Diversifying your investment portfolio is a good idea to protect your retirement income. Investing in gold could safeguard you and preserve your wealth during difficult economic times. Gold also has been historically proven to make profit for investors when mainstream investing is at a standstill. Learn more about adding gold to your investment portfolio.

The DubLi Customer Experience is Save More, Live Better!

Have fun shopping,

Cynthia Mittelsteadt

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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

DubLi Customer Affiliate Program Pays Consumers to Shop Online

Cynthia Mittelsteadt

Since March 15, 2010 when DubLi launched its Global Customer Affiliate Program consumers have join the DubLi Online Shopping Community and are redeeming their $500 Resort Voucher for their Spring Break vacations. Many of our Customers tell us without these free vouchers they would not have been able to take a spring break vacation this year because of worries of a worsening recession.

The DubLi Customer Affiliate program is way to virally expand its global online shopping community by the powerful word of mouth marketing. There is no membership fees to become part of the program. To become a Customer Affiliate a member makes an initial $8 investment to purchase 10 credits (bids) in the DubLi reverse auctions. New Customer Affiliates receive a $500 Travel Voucher good at 8,000 resorts and hotels worldwide. US DubLi members also receive a $25 gift certificate from

DubLi Shoppers are using their credits to purchase products and gift cards they need for their vacation and things they purchase all the time. Gas cards, grocery store, department store and chain restaurant gift cards and cash cards are particularly popular.

10 Tips to Turn an 80¢ Credit into Hundreds of Dollars in the Xpress Auction

  1. Before clicking on the SHOW PRICE button, have a price in your mind that you are willing to pay for the item. How much below the lowest price online is a Good Deal for you?
  2. If you are bidding on a gift card or debt card, do some research. Many of the gift cards in the auction are available in the DubLi Cash Back Rewards Mall. If the gift card is available check the cash back reward. Reduce the bid price by that amount then subtract $7 (USA) or $13 AU) for shipping to determine the real starting price of the gift card. For example, Sears and Macy’s give a 7% cash back reward on their gift cards in the Mall. A $100 card purchased in the Mall costs $93 and shipping is free. The starting price you should have in your mind for a $100 should be below $86 ($7 cash back reward + $7 shipping) How much below the calculated start price is a Good Deal in your mind?
  3. Write down and always remember to check bidding history to see how much time has transpired since your last bid, before bidding again. Your bidding history also lets you know if the item is still in an active auction.
  4. Understand time!!! DubLi is a 24 hour auction and takes place on a global online platform. One shopper’s down time can be another shoppers bidding time.
  5. Invest in a mobile phone with internet access for times when you may be away from the computer.
  6. Products differ in popularity, so the final discount price will differ as well. One auction can last minutes, while other can be on the auction for months. Keep true that “good deal” price in your mind. It is better to pass if it is not Your Price. You will always get a chance to get the item in another auction.
  7. If you need to bid a second time, always calculate how many bids have been placed between your two bids. Timing is everything. Use this formula: 25¢ equals 1 bid by one shopper. If the price is $60.50 on your first bid and at $48.00 on your second bid, 50 bids were made between your two bids. The price decreased by $12.50. If two hours have elapsed during these two bids that would be 25 bids per hour. Keep a record of your bids including current price, discount, date and time.
  8. Always add in the shipping cost to your item’s final price, this will vary depending on geographical location in the world. If you find a product online with the same as DubLi’s starting price and the merchant offers free shipping report this to DubLi and they will pay the shipping and give you 10% of the shipping cost because their price was not the lowest price online.
  9. Buy when the price is right for you, but also note that each shopper is practicing this also. So don’t get discouraged when you lose an auction. Go back and check your bidding history and adjust your shopping strategy accordingly. If the product is a popular item, DubLi will put another one on the auction as soon as one ends.
  10. Be realistic, not all products are going to sell between 80% to 98% discount. Depending on the product be happy with a reasonable discount. As a DubLi Shopper you already have the lowest price guaranteed in the world.

Price Guarantee – DubLi Match any Price Plus 10%

The starting price in the DubLi Xpress Auction is the lowest price found online guaranteed by DubLi’s Best Price Guarantee. If you find a competitor who has the same product at a lower price than DubLi’s, within two weeks after you have purchased the item, DubLi will not only match their price but also credit your account with 10% of the difference. For example you purchase an item from us at $100 and you find another vendor who has the same product and is advertising it for $90, DubLi will credit you the $10 difference plus an additional $1.00 for a total of $11.00.

Tell A Friend Keeps You Flush in DubLi Auction Credits

DubLi pays its Customer Affiliates 5 auction credits worth $4 for every friend they tell about the Customer Affiliate program. Your friends will love you because when they purchase 10 credits for $8 they get the $500 Travel Voucher and the $25 gift certificate. Build up your credit bank, tell all your friends.

More DubLi Shopping Tips – Real Help Real Savings in the DubLi Cash Back Reward Mall

If you didn’t find everything you need for your Spring Break vacation. DubLi Shopper find great deals in the DubLi Cash Back Rewards Mall, the world's largest online shopping site. DubLi has negotiated with brick-and-click stores and online stores to give its members cash back rewards every time they shop in a DubLi Merchant Partner’s online store. Every DubLi shopping member gets their own Personal Cash Back Rewards Mall where they save up to 60% and earn up to 30% cash back rewards on every purchase from over 1,100 of the best brick-and-click and online stores in North America and 450 online stores in Australia and New Zealand.

Never Pay Full Price at a Restaurant when You are on Vacation

When go on vacation, plan ahead and purchase gift certificates from featured in the DubLi Cash Back Rewards Mall. offers 60% discount at over 13,000 local restaurants across the USA. PLUS DubLi adds a 20% cash back reward. A $25 restaurant gift certificate is $8 and a $100 certificate is $32. These print at home dining gift certificates helps consumers and businesses save money dining out for any occasion and while on vacation. It only takes a few minutes to locate restaurant in your area. Simply put in the distance from a Zip Code, pick a restaurant and print. Bon App├ętit DubLi Customers can pay for the gift certificates with accumulated cash back rewards in their personal rewards shopping mall. does not feature chain restaurants, but DubLi members can buy discounted gift cards in the DubLi Auctions and in the Cash Back Rewards Mall. The cash back rewards on gift cards from over 40 of your favorite chain restaurants ranges from 1.5% to 5%.

Real Help, Real Savings Tip: When you plan your next vacation, start by shopping on DubLi. You won’t have to go anywhere else for the BIGGEST SAVINGS. Register for free>>

The DubLi Customer Experience is Save More, Live Better!

Have fun shopping,

Cynthia Mittelsteadt

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