Friday, March 5, 2010

The DubLi Australian Shopping Mall is Here! Real Help Real Savings!

Cynthia Mittelsteadt, Friday, March 05, 2010

Australia and New Zealand are you enjoying DubLi Fun Shopping yet? Well, Fun Shopping is about to explode!

DubLi customers in Australia and New Zealand have been enjoying the big discounts up to 98% on the most popular products, gift card and debit cards sold online since November 2009 shopping in the DubLi Auctions. Now DubLi is launching once again – the DubLi Auctions PLUS Cash Back Value Reward Shopping at over 450 online stores. DubLi’s North American customers have been enjoying Cash Back Rewards Shopping at over 1,100 brick-and-click and online stores since May 2009.

DubLi is thrilled to announce the launch of the DubLi Australian Rewards Mall on March 8, 2010. What could be better than that, getting great values on the Auctions and now being paid when DubLi customers do their everyday shopping as well! Exclusive for Australians, the DubLi Rewards Mall allows DubLi customers to shop at over 450 online stores and earn up to 20% in cash value rewards.

The Australian Rewards Mall includes only Australian-based merchants and customers pay for purchases in Australian dollars only. Whether you fancy Apple AU or Expedia Australia, the DubLi Australian Rewards Mall has something for everyone. Now if that’s not fun shopping for Australians, what is? The Australian Rewards Mall pays online shoppers to shop at the same stores they are shopping at everyday anyway. With 19 shopping categories to choose from, DubLi customers can do all their shopping with DubLi and get rewarded.

How does it work? It’s simple and fun! Once you login to the DubLi Australian Rewards Mall you may select a merchant by name or by browsing through the shopping categories. Each merchant will have a percentage listed beside it; this is the rewards percentage (1 rewards point = 1 AUD) you will receive back following any purchase you make from that merchant. For example, if you wanted to buy a pair of $100 boots from Ugg Zone, who pay 5% in rewards, you will receive $5.00 in rewards…it’s that simple.

Just click on as many merchants as you wish and do your shopping. Within one week you will see the transaction history and points earned back on your personal Mall shopping page. After 45 days (all the stores require this waiting period) your points become available for you to spend. Points=Cash will be loaded on a personal Debit Card. You can see how quickly your cash value reward points accumulate when you are shopping at 450+ stores.

And, as it that weren’t enough, here is some more fun news….DubLi pays its customers 5 auction credits (USD$4) for every friend they tell about DubLi who joins the DubLi Shopping Community. That is still not all the Rewards Mall features “Special Member Benefits” that offer our customers “real help real savings” including:

  • Rewards Toolbar to make sure you get your cash back rewards when a merchant is in the Mall
  • Savings Calculator to help you plan your purchases for the week, a month or a year
  • Print at home dining certificates discounted up to 60% with a 20% cash back reward from (USA only)
  • Auto Gift Reminder
  • Instant Print Coupons on brand-name products
  • Daily Special Offers from Mall merchants - including extra discounts, free shipping, etc. – plus points
  • Much more >>

The Australian Rewards Mall is INCREDIBLE; not only can customers participate in the auctions, but they can also shop at some of Australia’s most recognized brand name merchants from the comfort of an easy chair in front of their computer. It’s double the fun. When you shop at brick and mortar store, you spend gas and all they give you in return for your purchase is a receipt. Because the Australian Rewards Mall is an online mall, you can shop wherever and whenever from the comfort of your home. With the DubLi Australian Rewards Mall you save gas and get cash value reward points and commissions- a winner all around! SAVE MORE, LIVE BETTER!

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Cynthia Mittelsteadt
DubLi Shopping Consultant
Skype: cynthia.ebishop
(510) 659-6330

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