Monday, March 8, 2010

The DubLi Australian Shopping Mall is Open for Business

Steps to Shop in the Australian Cash Back Rewards Mall

Cynthia Mittelsteadt

The Australian Cash Back Reward Shopping Mall is now OPEN. Exclusive for Australians, the Rewards Mall allows Australians to shop at 450 online stores and earn up to 25% in cash back value rewards. The North American and Australian Cash Back Rewards Mall share a single platform. DubLi shopping members from North America and Australia access the same screens to get all the DubLi Member Benefits such as the Rewards Mall Tutorials, Rewards Toolbar, Savings Calculator, Auto Gift Reminder and a Personal Web Portal. A special feature unique to USA customers are Restaurant Certificates from

The first step to access the Australian Cash Back Rewards Mall is to login to or Signup Then click on the Shopping tab. if you are not a current customer. You will automatically be logged into the Cash Back Rewards Mall. The USA Rewards Mall is the default and your Members Benefits home page.

To access the Merchant stores in the Australian Mall, click on the Australian flag in the upper right-hand corner of the screen. You can return to the USA and Canadian Mall portals any time by clicking on the respective flags in the upper right-hand corner of the screen.

Australian Mall cash back rewards are very substantial ranging from 1% to 25% in the 17 categories, averaging a cash back reward of over 8.5%. That would be $8.50 AU for every $100 Australians spend in the Mall.

DubLi Shopping Consultants Real Help Real Savings Tips

The next time before you jump in the car to go shopping for a gift for that special someone, want to go to a movie or dine out, need new stuff for your computer and just to do your weekly every day shopping, go to your DubLi Personal Shopping portal first. You will most likely find your favorite store, PLUS get additional discount prices and earn cash back rewards. Generally brick and click merchants offer additional discounts and special savings on purchases from their online store up to 60% of the prices in their brick and mortar locations. They can do this because they eliminate the wholesaler and by reducing transportation costs.

For example, say if you purchased $500 a month in your DubLi Personal Shopping portal, you would earn about $42.50 in cash back rewards. If on average you received online discounts of 25% or $125 and add in the cost of gas, (i.e. $8/month) that is a total monthly savings of $175 or $2,100 a year. Not only are you saving money shopping online at DubLi, you are savings previous time that you could be spending with your family. Time with family is priceless.

The advantages of being a part of the global DubLi Shopping Community are only going to get better. Starting on March 15, 2010 DubLi is introducing a Customer Affiliate Program for all DubLi customers around the globe! Every new customer that registers on and purchases a minimum of 10 credits ($8.00 USD), will receive an electronic travel voucher worth $500 USD. With a selection of nearly 8,000 resorts around the world, planning the perfect vacation is not only easy but fun. DubLi’s Gift-Redemption site can be found at The $500 voucher can be used as payment toward the total cost for the selected resort you choose.

There’s more – for every friend a DubLi customer invites to join the DubLi Shopping Community that also purchases 10 credits ($8), the Member gets 5 credits ($4) and the friend gets a $500 travel voucher too. Invite all your friends and get more bids and chances to win millions of dollars in products and gift and debit cards. Why not, have every member of the family over 18 sign up for a Personal Shopping Portal and get a $500 travel voucher too. Have a vacation of a lifetime on DubLi.

The credits are used to bid and purchase the most popular products sold online and debit cards from Visa and MasterCard. Australians and New Zealanders have been getting auction items for discounts up to 98% since DubLi Auctions started in November 2009. DubLi saves you money and time because they do all the price comparisons for you. All Auction items start at the lowest price backed up by a DubLi “best price guarantee.” If you can’t find a product you want in the auction, bid on a debit card. For 80¢ or one bid you get an additional discount up to 98% on lowest price of online products. Recently a customer got a $500 Visa Debit Card for $1.75 USD. The completed Xpress and Unique Bid auctions are listed on our site.

Become a Customer for FREE:

The Australian Rewards Mall is INCREDIBLE; not only can customers participate in the auctions, but they can also shop at Australia’s most recognized brick and click merchants wherever and whenever from the comfort of their home. With the DubLi Australian Rewards Mall you save gas and get cash value reward points and commissions- a winner all around!

The DubLi Customer Experience is Save More, Live Better!


Cynthia Mittelsteadt

DubLi Shopping Consultant

Skype: cynthia.ebishop

(510) 659-6330

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  1. Wonderful offer for the Australian people as they can save lot of money as they will be getting discount shopping coupons or codes. There are so many companies offering discount shopping for the people to have a great deals. The companies will allot some terms and conditions to get the discount shopping. The person has to check these terms and conditions first before shopping anything.