Wednesday, January 20, 2010

DubLi is a USA Public Company

DubLi is not only known for its exceptional and trend-setting business ideas, but also for top-notch strategic business decisions. Now, DubLi pulled off the non-plus-ultra in strategic management: as a large but privately-held company, DubLi merges with a smaller, but public company making its own IPO easier. This specific kind of company merger is called a reversed merger.

With that, everyone who wants to get truly rich with network marketing received good news through the ticker. The public company, MediaNet Group Technologies Inc., (OTC-BB: MEDG-News), who operates the largest online shopping portal through its subsidiary BSP Rewards, recently merged with CG Holdings Ltd., the European based privately-held company of the DubLi family of companies. With the completed merger, DubLi became a wholly-owned subsidiary of MediaNet, and DubLi’s CEO and COO will hold the same positions within MediaNet.

Below is the link to get daily price quotes for MediaNet Group Technologies (MEDG) and DubLi Press Releases. The financial information in the price quote only reflects MediaNet Group’s financials.

MediaNet Group Technologies (MEDG) and DubLi merger was completed on November 11, 2009. In February 2010 DubLi will open their books to the public and publish their financials for evaluations. In a report to DubLi Leaders, Dean Mannheimer, North American Country Manager stated, “The financials for the DubLi’s first year are going to be pretty strong. They’re going to be pretty amazing for a company that has actually had their first full year of operation when they launched the full model as it existed both in Europe and North America. And I think that what people will see from their first year in business—both in terms of volume and possibility.”

“DubLi is going to look at it in amazement; but what will amaze them even more is that they also be able to produce the first quarter’s profits, and that will stun everybody. And what that will do is that the Company is already positioned for reports to be released in the financial world, and all the traditional people who do those types of things, which again is going to be creating some powerful images for DubLi and our particular model.”

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