Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Global eCommerce Business Opportunity with Immediate ROI

DubLi.com: 21st Century Business Opportunity with Immediate 25% ROI

In a recent posting on Facebook, DubLi eCommerce business owner Emerson Brown wrote: “When you join DubLi at a Gold level, you are immediately making an $830 USD profit.”

The cost of becoming a DubLi Global eCommerce website business owner is $175 USD for a fully maintained web site with DubLi reverse Auctions and a Shopping Mall with over 1,500 Merchant in North America. In March, DubLi will be adding over 500 Merchants in Australia and New Zealand and an undisclosed number of Merchants throughout Europe and the rest of the world.

If you invest in a DubLi Global eCommerce website, you need to purchase an inventory of credits to sell to your customers to buy the most popular products and gift cards purchased online. When you purchase a Gold Global DubLi Global eCommerce package for $2,995 USD you get 5,000 credits at a cost of 60¢ for each credit. You resell these credits to your DubLi Customers for 80¢ each and earn an income of $4,000 and a profit of $830 or a 25% ROI.
That is a very smart business person who invests $3,170 and gets an inventory of Auction Credits, worth $.80 each or a value of $4,000. The credits only cost $.60 each. Wow, that is an immediate $830 profit. AMAZING; investing in a company where you immediately earn a 25% profit.

Contact DubLi Shopping Consultants today and we will give you more information on this amazing business opportunity.

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