Tuesday, December 1, 2009

DubLi eCommerce Now in Australia

DubLi eCommerce – a Real Business with Real Rewards

DubLi has the potential to have 400 Million customers worldwide. In ten months in North America 5,000 Business Associates earned commissions from 1.24 million customers. DubLi is growing ten times faster than eBay ever did. eBay’s revenue is over $67 Billion per year, DubLi will be as big or BIGGER.

DubLi launched in Australia and New Zealand on November 4, 2009. DubLi Network promotes and markets its global eCommerce site by using independent business associates and customer referrals. DubLi Associates get paid well to find customers for Dubli. DubLi Customers earn DubLi Credits for each new customer they tell about DubLi who joins. This vital growth relationship marketing business model is paying off big for DubLi and their Business Associates. DubLi Customers refer 3 to 5 friends a month after 2 to 3 months of shopping and saving online.

Unlike eBay all items sold on the Auction site are new, bought and shipped by DubLi. All products have a lowest price guarantee or they beat the price by 10%. Products like Nintendo Wii, Lenovo computers, iPod, Nikon Cameras, LCD TV’s, Gift vouchers, Gucci, Cars, Accommodation, Air Travel, Car Hire, Restaurant Vouchers, Books, Office Stationery, Garden Supplies, Jewelry, Pets supplies, all the big brands at the lowest prices possible.

In addition to the Auctions DubLi has a shopping portal – the world’s largest online mall and affinity program platform. DubLi customers can buy from local stores in Australia and New Zealand like Harvey Norman, Target, Kmart and 100’s more.

All major stores in Australia are lining up to be a part. In America, stores like ToysRus, Best Western, Dell, Disney shop, Home Depot, Macys, Marriott hotels, OfficeMax, Best Buy, Overstock.com, Amazon, Target, K-Mart, Avon, NBA store, Lego, Nickelodeon, AVIS, Blockbuster and over 1,000 other Merchants of DubLi customers up to 60% savings and up to 30% reward rebates on every online purchase they make from a DubLi Mall Merchant.

There are two fun auction sites:

  • The Xpress Reverse Auction, where the price goes down. Items you want to buy start at the lowest possible price and reduce.
  • Unique Lowest Bid Prices, where the lowest unique bid wins the prize.

Here are the FACTS about DubLi:

  • This is already live in North America and Europe with over 4 million customers.
  • DubLi launched in Europe in June 2006 and in North America in October 2008
  • DubLi pre-launched in Australia in September 2009
  • Business Associates who joined during the pre-launch in USA 1ayear ago are earning up to $500,000 per month.
  • You will receive commissions from your customers ongoing once they have joined under you.
  • Customers use this site because they can purchase products and services from their favorite Retail and Online stores at discounts up to 60% and receive reward rebates up to 30% on every purchase every time
  • The Auctions are fun and fast and customer buy the most popular items and gift cards sold online for up to 98% discounts
  • This is a real business and not a "learn how to make money on the internet scheme."
  • DubLi is here to stay. It is a USA publicly traded company and owns the largest online mall and affinity program platform through its BSP Rewards subsidiary.

Watch this short video, and then join DubLi today:


Become a DubLi Customer for Free, watch and register: http://dubli.com/video-2959282


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