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DubLi Insight – Global Potential

Article from DubLi Inside Magazine – November 2, 2009

Globally DubLi has the potential to expand its customer base into the tens of millions with emerging markets like China, Hong Kong, Japan, India and Russia just to mention a few. As opportunities go, DubLi epitomizes the concept of “first mover advantage” because DubLi hasn’t even scratched the surface of this global platform. Talks of a one world economy were mocked by critics, but DubLi is about to make this a reality through their global auction platform and YOU can be a part of it. Imagine earning a percentage from a small customer base of say 250,000? It’s never been done before until now because the infrastructure wasn’t in place, but If you have vision and you’re willing to roll up your sleeves and put in some real effort, then it’s a certainty and not just a probability that you will join the elite ranks of the DubLi millionaires.

Customers will embrace DubLi’s low price guarantees on the top selling name brand items they want to purchase and remember the guarantee is just the starting price. The buzz of the auction will enable DubLi customers to purchase these in-demand consumer products for a fraction of their original price. When customers find a great bargain, they will instinctively do two things without exception. One, they will continue coming back to make future purchases (repeat sales) and second, they will tell their friends, family members and co-workers (referral sales).

The worldwide low price guarantee states that any customer who provides proof that the product they purchased from DubLi can be found for a lower regular price anywhere in the world, DubLi will not only refund the difference in cash, but they will give you an additional 10% bonus. Now, that’s confidence, and more importantly, it’s smart business. As a result DubLi feels this guarantee will give their customers the peace of mind knowing they have received the lowest possible published price of the item purchased. Nobody likes the feeling of finding a lower price somewhere else for the same exact item after making a purchase and we agree! That’s the reason DubLi did it. Would you agree that it’s much less expensive to keep a customer happy and have them keep coming back to the auctions for future purchases than the cost of acquiring a new customer?

The products featured in the DubLi auction portal are the top selling in-demand consumer items being sold in the world today, products that you and I want to purchase, and the best part; is that as consumers migrate to purchasing the newest hottest product on the market, DubLi instantly adapt to those shopping habits and bring them into our inventory and display them in our auction. DubLi is never stuck with items that have little or no appeal like factory seconds or reconditioned products… EVER. DubLi is creating brand identity and customer loyalty because who do you know that isn’t in the market for items like the newest iPod, or flat screen TV, or WII? Or a huge assortment of gift cards that can be redeemed at the best selling retail giants like iTunes, Wal-Mart, Macys, Best Buy and Toys-R-Us just to name a few.

DubLi is even featuring expensive domestic and European cars on a regular basis. Think about the number of holidays, anniversaries, birthdays, weddings and graduations that take place throughout the year. DubLi will always have a steady flow of customers who are looking for the name brand quality merchandise at bargain prices. In the very near future all of the products purchased on our global auction portal will be delivered directly to your door anywhere in the world in about a week’s time, with the assurance that the price you paid was the most competitive price you could find anywhere. DubLi guarantees it.

Combine that with the opportunity of being able to sponsor and enroll people on a worldwide basis makes DubLi a timely e-business opportunity without equal and certainly, the newest incentives offered by Michael Hansen should cause many top networkers with other companies to reevaluate their current situation! The immediate goal; build your network with a minimum of 2,500 BA’s within 12 to 15 months and receive a $1,000,000 bonus for doing so. All by yourself? Of course not! Focus on initially building out five legs or teams and then help those five teams duplicate the same process until you have the desired results. In fact not only will you be in line to earn the $1,000,000 bonus, but each one of the five leaders you initially enrolled will be in line for the same! This is a very attractive proposition and incentive package which you can confidentially approach other leaders within the networking industry who may already have established organizations in place and looking for a new home. The question boils down to this; is the message going to come from you, or someone else?

Even novices with little or no networking experience who don’t see themselves yet as being amongst the network marketing whiz kids will find that DubLi can still be their path to financial freedom because ultimately, the longevity of DubLi’s business model is built around customer acquisition and not just recruiting! DubLi combines its Fun Shopping Concept with one of the most sophisticated teaching and learning systems available at the present level of technology. With the aid of online webinars, videos and conference calls, all BA’s will have 24 hour access to all the tools necessary for honing and developing their skills. The DubLi University is still in its very early stages. The first two of 50 modules have just been completed which will provide present you with the basics for getting started. The final stages of development which is still in its infancy will enable you to be “beamed” by webcam into a virtual three-dimensional lecture hall where you will be able to complete your training in a virtual classroom!

There is global economic crisis and we won’t deny the effect it’s had on unemployment figures and slumping sales figures which has plagued virtually every industry with the exception of one…”The Internet Economy” especially the e-commerce sector which has remained not only insulated from the economic downturn, but in fact have substantial market gains, the very industry that DubLi has positioned itself.

Banks, savings and loans, insurance companies, financial firms, auto giants have all been bailed out by the government and there’s no end in sight. Families are being forced out of their homes, retirement funds have all but disappeared and foreclosures have hit catastrophic levels. But in spite of all the bad press, people still cling to hope; and more than ever, they are ready for a change. Here’s your chance to shine, all you have to do is show them a way which will allow them to be in control of their financial destiny once and for all, and not be at the mercy of someone else and the world will beat a path to your door.

DubLi offers people an extraordinary opportunity to take ownership of their financial future, an investment that is minimal in comparison to owning a traditional business or franchise; they can potentially build a global business from the comfort and convenience of their own home. People from all walks of life from school teachers and professionals to those who deliver your mail are prime candidates for your business because people are fed up! It’s the realization that there may be no future with their current occupation that spurs them into taking action! That’s why the time to act is NOW…the only real condition for success with DubLi is a person’s drive and determination, everything else is already in place.

Become a part of this 21st Century Global Business Opportunity. Watch this short video and register.

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