Thursday, December 10, 2009

India is Talking about DubLi

I found this report today about how consumers in India are very excited about DubLi’s global eCommerce platform. In the next 3 months almost every country in the world will have heard the name DubLi. I predicted a year ago the DubLi would be a household name, like Microsoft, eBay, Yahoo, Google around the world by 2010. Bloggers in India are posting their excitement about DubLi coming to India. Here is an example.

DubLi is a business that is the fastest growing network marketing business in the world today. DubLi truly has huge potential. Not many people in India know the name DubLi today; but it soon will be a household name just like eBay, Google, Yahoo, Amazon and Microsoft.

People in India can save by becoming a DubLi customer for no membership fee and save up to 98% on the most popular products sold online. If you want more information on how DubLi helps consumers around the world save money just go to this website: has over 400 of the top moving products on the Internet in their Auctions and have over 1,400 the world’s largest retail and online stores in their Online Shopping Mall. When the DubLi Australian site in November 2009, they will have over 500 of Australia’s leading companies offering extensive discounts to DubLi customers. Additionally, DubLi have just recently announced that they are now opening their Global site in January 2010 making Dubli savings available to consumers around the world and a business opportunity for people who want to build their own eCommerce business.

The exciting part of this business is that DubLi pays its Customers for referring other people to become part on the DubLi Online Shopping Community. DubLi is marketed by independent business owners but build a sales organization through relationship marketing and social networking. DubLi pays their business owner generous commissions and offer the best Internet training in the industry.

DubLi has guarantees the lowest prices on the web with a money back plus 10% extra if a consumer finds a lower price online.

For more information contact:

Cynthia Mittelsteadt
DubLi Team Coordinator
(510) 659-6330

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