Tuesday, December 8, 2009

DubLi Goes Global – Real Success of a Virtual World

Article from DubLi Inside Magazine – November 2, 2009

DubLi’s recent Inside Magazine covers important topics on the reasons why you should aspire to achieve the position of “Vice President” (VP) by the end of this year because by doing so, you’ll secure a private parcel of land in “DubLi Land,” which is an unparalleled community of uncompromising luxury. This and much much more will soon become a reality through the extraordinary developments of the DubLi eCommerce platform and the logistics behind it: Imagine worldwide delivery of the hottest in-demand consumer products at the lowest possible prices. Guaranteed!

One would have to admit this is one of the most unique selling points without compare! More information about this new cutting edge global platform is covered in a later blog. DubLi also give you up to date reports on numerous other newsworthy events taking place in the world of DubLi, from the newly designed Fun Shopping Network to the official launch of DubLi in Australia and New Zealand, to the highlights of the current auctions. DubLi is entirely focused on becoming one of the largest direct to consumer companies in the world within the next two to three years. What can this mean for you and your family’s life? Read on and learn all about it in this blog and later blogs revealing the articles in the November 2009 issue of the DubLi “Inside Magazine.”

DubLi’s aim is that you will have loads of fun reading these blogs and that the information will resonate with our readers and bear fruit, hopefully it will cause you to carefully reflect on your list of priorities and determine if DubLi is in alignment with your future financial goals and dreams. Are you prepared to do whatever it takes to achieve your innermost dreams and desires?

Some tough questions, but only you can answer that for yourself, but if the answer is YES, then make TODAY the day that you take the first step on your journey to success. Here’s an opportunity to make your story part of a much larger story: the DubLi success story! Here is a safe haven for upstart entrepreneurs and driven opportunity seekers to take control of their financial destiny once and for all.
Take the first step and become a DubLi Customer and experience to FUN bidding in the DubLi Auctions and saving hundreds of dollars and earning reward rebates shopping in the DubLi Shopping Mall. It’s Free to register and learn: http://dubli.com/video-2959282

The success story of DubLi and the DubLi Network is not only flourishing, it is becoming a new paradigm in the e-commerce and network marketing industry; taking on new dimensions which were understood by less than a handful of people even less than a year ago. Michael Hansen and Kent Holmstoel are three to five years ahead of where the company is today and continue laying the ground work to make their vision become reality. Only a few of DubLi’s top leaders like Dean Mannheimer, Tom Ashlock and other up and coming leaders from the field comprehended the magnitude of what is coming and believe wholeheartedly in the vision of the DubLi.

In the past 12 months, just talking the USA marketplace, DubLi’s compensation plan produced 4 millionaires and dozens earned significant six figure incomes proving beyond any doubt that the system is possible of delivering massive results. What’s even more impressive with these results is that it was done at a time when the financial markets of the world and the global economy were in a tailspin. In a word, DubLi not only survived, it grew by double digits. This proves conclusively that the business model was not only embraced by the general public, but was well insulated from the economic recession that plagued many parts of the world.

The new developments that Michael Hansen announced at the Leadership Conference in Miami demonstrate emphatically what the future of DubLi holds in store for every Independent Business Associate who becomes a owner in the DubLi company. The prospect for unprecedented growth is merely an afterthought with the impending launch of the new global auction portal, the likes of which has never been done before in the history of e-commerce.

Become a part of this 21st Century Global Business Opportunity. Watch this short video and register.

In additional to the DubLi training, our Team has two additional programs to help you build relationships and trust, brand yourself and provide you with tools and software to build a successful business.

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