Tuesday, December 8, 2009

DubLi - The World is Our Platform

DubLi eCommerce is About to Change eCommerce Forever

by Cynthia Mittelsteadt

The following is a letter from Michael Hansen printed in DubLi Inside Magazine addressed to current and future global DubLi Independent Business Owners and Customers. I have been following DubLi for a year and I am amazed at how much progress they have made in 2009. If this trend continues they will be bigger the eBay and Amazon combine by the end on 2010.

November 2, 2009

The World is Our Platform. A bold statement; perhaps, but I firmly believe in the possibility of this outcome because DubLi is on the cusp of launching the first ever worldwide global trading portal, one which will elevate our company’s brand to millions of potential customers on a global basis. Now is the time for us to take this important step and innumerable associates and consumers the world over will benefit as a result and will transform DubLi into a global e-commerce market leader.

Success in developing a global trading platform depends primarily upon speed and being able to quickly access data and information online with virtually no downtime. DubLi has been quietly building the entire infrastructure and architecture for this to become a reality by incorporating the latest technologies in computer engineering and software data systems that will enable us to successfully manage the demands of a global trading platform and insure a stable environment for our growing numbers of associates and customers around the world.

The recipe for success has many ingredients: the quality of the products, the personal input of the associate, unbeatable value for money, an intelligent and efficient business model, good training of associates and competent management to name but a few. We have all of these points in our sights and that accounts for our success. That is why DubLi is the company that will spearhead the vanguard in eTrading. We are entering the starting blocks as the first ever global e-commerce direct-selling companies in the world and plan to implement training standards which have yet to be achieved in this industry. The period of economic uncertainties are drawing more and more professionals into our company than at any time in our company’s history which speaks volumes of our vision. We are the people who recognize the signs of the times, who are coming up with the right decisions and who do not abandon ourselves to foot-dragging and small-mindedness. That is the reason why we at DubLi, together with our associates, will also enjoy the fruits that success has to offer. We love what we do and our dream is to see it grow and prosper while enriching the lives of those who share our vision.

While worldwide retail sales continually tumble and turnover figures falling almost vertical, eCommerce continues to gain a strong foot hold the world over. We know the reason for this paradigm shift because people simply don’t have the time nor do they want to invest the time of having to physically go out and fight the traffic, find a place to park and then be forced to wait in long lines just to shop for their favorite items; when they can easily go online and have access to the very same merchandise at prices that are even lower than in the retail stores and they can navigate with a simple click of the mouse. That’s why DubLi is positioned so perfectly in the marketplace; not only do we offer the best selling in-demand consumer products at the best prices through our unique auction portals, but we also give our customers the peace of mind when making their purchase with us by backing it up with a written guarantee. If any of our customers find a lower price on the same item, then we will refund the difference, plus 10%.

Shopping with DubLi is in a word…FUN! The next time you visit our website, I encourage you to take a minute and read the many testimonials we received from satisfied customers throughout the world and then you will see why we are so excited by our future.

The world is ours and our desire is to make it YOURS – This is our philosophy at DubLi.
On the pages that follow in our Inside Magazine you can read all about most recent developments that have been taking place behind the scenes at the fun-tastic world of DubLi. Make sure you check out the special section on DubLi’s new private community located on the beautiful Caribbean Island of Cayman Brac, appropriately named DubLi- Land; I wish you lots of fun reading about it.

Most cordially yours,

Michael Hansen

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