Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Learn from the Network Marketing & Social Media Experts

How to Build a Multi-million Dollar MLM Business – Free MLM Education

The past year I have been struggling to build a home-base network marketing business. I have been a corporate Marketing Executive for 15 years and delivered many highest success Enterprise software products, services and business solutions for corporations large and small. Research and competitive analysis is one of my exceptional skills and I found a network marketing company with what I think has the best 21st Century business model. I looked at hundreds and joined a few because I loved the products but didn’t make any money because my approach was all wrong.

When I started my business I spent months recruiting and cold calling friends, family and business associates who I thought would love the companies and products as much as I did. All the companies trained us to get prospects to Webinars and do 3-way calls with our company leaders who would help us close the prospect. The second thing I was taught was gifting prospects with free products to convince them I had the best product in the world. It just wasn’t working for me.

Another exceptional skill I have that I used to become a very successful Sales and Marketing Executive was building relationships and customer loyalty programs. I did not have the foresight to apply this skill to my network marketing business. I did realize that I needed a whole new set of skills so I set out to get my Internet marketing education. I struggled with that too because there was so much to learn and I didn’t know where to start.

Recently, I join two groups of amazing mentors who are teaching me and many others how to build a successful network marketing business by building relationships first. In addition to offering free network marketing and social media training, they share the business software, internet marketing tools and programs that have worked for them to build multi-million dollar home businesses.

Now I am fast tracking my way to success. If you are struggling to build a successful networking marketing business or want to start a home-based business, I highly recommend these two programs

Mentoring for Free founded by Mentor Michael Dlouhy author of the book Success in 10 Steps. Michael offers the eBook for free. Get your eBook at

Future of Making Money founded by Jason Switzer and Thomas Rozof from Social Marketing Technologies. They are offering 18 Free Software Modules worth $3,697 with give-away and rebranding rights. Go to list link to download your free business software;

I found another great time management site called Sokule, the monetized Twitter: Post a message on Sokule and it automatically posts it on Twitter and 17 other social networking sites including Facebook, Blogger and Wordpress Check out this new site at:

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