Friday, December 4, 2009

DubLi’s New Charity Campaign…Help Us Choose Some

Vote for Your Favorite Charity to Get a Gift from DubLi

One of the many reasons I became a DubLi independent business owner, is because DubLi regularly makes large donations to charities, churches and schools. They also give their Associates and Customers the option to donate their earned shopping rewards points to their favorite charity, church or school.

In the spirit of holiday giving, DubLi will be making special donations this holiday season of cash or much appreciated gifts to share their success with others in need. This time DubLi decided to do something different by letting Associates and Customers vote for their favorite charity.

If you have a special charity that you are passionate about or an individual person in need and would like to recommend this organization or individual to DubLi as a potential candidate for this holiday season, then please submit the name of the individual or organization (if possible also include their website) to The individual or organization will be selected by DubLi and the results will be posted on this blog. Please note that you can only submit one (1) email including the name of your favorite charity. Once the charity has been nominated, DubLi will make the donation.

If you are not a DubLi Customer and would like to participate, it is free and easy to become a DubLi Customer. Click on this link to register:

In addition to the best prices online, DubLi pays reward points up to 30% of every online purchase a customer makes and give our customers Auction credits every time they invite friends to join DubLi. Unlike Costco, Sam’s Club and other online shopping clubs where consumer pay a member fee to get discounted prices, DubLi Membership is FREE and consumers get to shop in all their favorite stores. DubLi has over 1,500 Merchant in their Shopping Mall.

For the holidays, DubLi has added surprise auctions and their member Merchants are giving DubLi customers additional discounts and reward points. GUARDDOG is offering 50% in reward points on their Identity Theft Protection product which is already cheaper than other legal and identity insurance products sold by banks, credit card companies and networking companies.

Have a blessed Christmas.

Cynthia Mittelsteadt
(510) 659-6330

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